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Biostrip 42, Graffiti Remover - 5 Litre

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Specialist graffiti spray, suitable for use on brickwork, metal, walls and floors.

Biostrip 42, Graffiti Remover - 5 Litre

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Biostrip 42 Graffiti Remover is a revolutionary new water based system that is safer than traditional methylene chloride based products for users, pets, plants and the environment. It is suitable for use around the home by DIY enthusiasts and also by graffiti removal contractors.

Product Benefits Include:

  • Water-based - no losses due to evaporation.

  • Economical - clings to vertical surfaces - no drips or runs, hence no waste. 

  • Non flammable, odour free.

  • Non Toxic - safe for the user and the environment.

  • Non Caustic - Does not darken wood.

  • pH neutral, does not cause burns.

  • Does not give off hazardous or noxious fumes - ventilation is not required. Making it suitable for use indoors and in confines spaces.

Usage Instructions:

Before attempting to remove graffiti, it is essential that the surface is prepared correctly. Old graffiti may be covered in oil or grease that can prevent graffiti removal products from working properly, and may prevent the product from working at all! Consequently, the surface should be cleaned with a mild detergent, such as Biostrip 42 Graffiti Pre Clean, then rinsed with clean water and allowed to dry.

The affected area should be liberally covered with Biostrip 42 Graffiti Remover. Allow 30 - 60 minutes for the product to start removing the graffiti.

Once the graffiti has softened, it can be scrubbed, or preferably power washed, off the affected surface with clean water.

More may be applied if neccessary.

NOTE: Do not allow the graffiti remover to dry out.

For more information on the vast range of coatings removed and suitable substrates for this product, please click HERE

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