A customer's viewpoint

I have used Nitromors for many years and have been very satisfied and proficient in it use.  However, I have purchased a 4 ltr tin (an inflated price) 'New Double Strength Formula', followed the instructions, it just does not work. The 'old' formula after only minutes of application the paint would start to blister, the new formula suggests 5/10 minutes before the paint blisters - this does not happen. Even after repeated coats as recommended and leaving for the period of time on the tin, the paint still does not blister, it softens slightly but the paint's removal; as suggested; is very hard work and still needs many recoating and scraping to achieve a 'reasonable' result. I have even tried breaking the surface of the paint with very rough glass paper before applying the Nitromors, - a very slight improvement.


May be is it because I am only trying to remove a single coat of white gloss rather than the 15 coats as the information on the tin claims to remove?


I ask again, what am I doing wrong?


Can I still buy the 'old' formula which will do the job which the 'new' formula does not?


For the attention of Mr **** *******

Following our telephone conversation regarding my email about the use of ‘Nitromors New Double Strength Formula’, I decided to give it another try.  However, between sending my initial email and receiving your call I had decided to order one of your competitor’s products.  I therefore ran a trial on identical pieces of architrave, following the instructions you gave me and your competitor’s written instructions.  I thought temperature previously might have been a problem so I ensured the trial was conducted in the warm house rather than the cold garage where all of the previous stripping had been performed.

Initially I thought the Nitromors looked very promising as the surface of the paint showed slight blistering of the paint after the recommended ‘soaking’ period.  However, this did not prove to be the case as even though the competitor’s product didn't show signs of blistering it was far more effective in softening the paint prior to scraping.  Having scraped both pieces of architrave I found the Nitromors left far more paint residue on the wood for further removal.

I then decided to perform a further trial allowing the coated architrave to soak for two hours.  I found the competitor’s treated surface had completely blistered and was very easy to strip away, whereas your product had hardened and was even more difficult to remove.

 I therefore believe your claim that Nitromors is the best product on the market and the statement on the Nitromors can – ‘New Double Strength Formula’ needs to be reassessed.

 Not only; in my opinion; did your competitor's product out perform your product, I purchased their 5 ltr plastic container for far less than I paid for your 4 ltr tin.

 It is unfortunate that your ‘original’ formula Nitromors was banned, or that I hadn't built up a sufficient stock of it to complete my current paint stripping.  However, I believe Biostrip to be a reasonable replacement.