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Remove Paint from Bricks

23 Sep 2013 12:13:05

One of the most common questions we receive is "Will Biostrip 20 remove paint from brickwork". It's quite surprising too, how many people have paint splashes they want to shift from both bricks and concrete.

Below we address this issue:

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Posted in Biostrip Applications By alison hartopp

Home renovation is an important part of standard living at the present moment and people often take up this task once in 3-4 years. Though the home gets a great look after the task has been completed successfully, various steps involved in the task can be  quite technical and important to follow. Apart from selecting the right shade of color for the home and the right finish,  it is important to think about how the old coatings are going to be removed.

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Posted in Paint Strippers By sandipan saha

Removing any type of paint is a crucial task that can cause a great deal of anxiety. This is mainly because of the harmful and toxic nature of conventional paint stripping products.  Many products are both harmful to the user and the environment. Many painting contractors use these types of product.  This can put them at risk from breathing in  vapours or spilling the product on their skin, causing burns.  The effects of these paint strippers can be harmful for the homeowners too and they may also breathe in  vapours unless windows are kept open and the area fully ventilated.  Therefore, the use of more modern, safer, water based  paint strippers is becoming more and more common.

Selecting the right paint stripping product for the job is a challenge faced by most contractors these days. Finding a product with the right safety profile that will strip the paint in a reasonable amount of time is paramount.. There are a large number of paint stripping products available at the moment, and the use of water based products is increasing rapidly. The main reasons for  this popularity can be estimated as below:

Safer for the Environment: Water based strippers are made with a blend of natural ingredients that are  effective at removing all types of paints. This type of paint stripper uses water as the base solvent and  is safer than traditional products which contained methylene chloride.  These strippers are not classified as hazardous and have little or no smell. They are suitable for use in confined areas.

Effective formulation: Though this type of paint stripper uses water as its base solvent, it is very effective on all types of paints. Its ability to strip paint comes from careful blending of a range of natural, or safer,  raw materials.  Products of this type do not damage the surface beneath the paint, and are usually safe to use on plastics.

Non-inflammable and Biodegradable: The components of this type of paint remover are non flammable  and biodegradable by nature, this is why they are better for the environment and user than traditional methylene chloride containing products. When using any chemical product it is always a good idea to wear protective coveralls, however with water based strippers there is no need to be concerned about breathing in vapours, or working in confined spaces.

Availability: These products are readily available from DIY stores and web shops. There are usually good stocks available as they have a long shelf life.

The popularity of these water based products is growing and looks likely to increase in the future as more people are made aware of the safety benefits of these products.

Posted in Paint Strippers By sandipan saha

Reliable Paint Stripping Methods

20 May 2013 10:31:25

Paints of all types look extremely impressive when they are freshly applied. As they age they can start to fade or change colour, particularly if they have been in direct sunlight. White paint can discolour very quickly even in the shade and often turns yellow. Once this starts to happen the paint loses its effect and no longer looks as impressive. By this stage it is also starting to get scratched, chipped and may even be peeling. When this happens the paint is no longer protecting the underlying surface adequately

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Posted in Paint Strippers By sandipan saha

Painting is one of the most common ways of preserving furniture and other essential belongings. Painting saves these things from decaying and makes them last longer. However, the owners always need to remove the existing paint before painting them again with fresh colors. This task of removing the existing paint is not that easy. People often make use of quality paint removers, which are chemicals, both strong and mild, by nature. The market is flooded with chemical paint stripper that removes the paints but it emits harmful gases and damages the environment to some extent as well.

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Posted in Paint Strippers By souvik mukherjee