Though there are some basic tricks and procedures that you can use to remove deck stain, they are not always effective. Pressure washing the balustrades or decking itself is an example of one such method that you can use. However, this method is not always very effective as it does not reach deep into the grooves, intricate parts of the balustrades, corners etc. If you don't remove all traces of the previous stain, recoating over the top will leave the area looking patchy.

For total satisfaction, you can depend upon Biostrip 20. Simply brush or spray it onto the decking, balustrade, fencing or any other wooden item previously coated with water based stain, leave for 30 minutes then powerwash off. Biostrip 20 gets into decking grooves and the most inaccessible parts of bulstrade etc. The underlying wood will be restored to its original condition, the grain of the wood will have been slightly opened up to give a perfect surface to apply a new finish.

Even better, Biostrip 20 is primarily a water based stain remover making it much safer to use than caustic or solvent based strippers. Biostrip 20 is biodegradable and leaves no side effect if it makes direct contact to your skin. Moreover, it does not leave any harmful marks on the wood. You can get the perfect appearance for your deck, fence, or balustrades.

Biostrip 20 is available in a handy 750ml spray, 5lts Jerrycan for larger areas and 25lts drums if you have a lot of wood that requires recovering. 1Lts of Biostrip 20 will normally strip around 5 square metres of decking or wood.

Here is a comparative illustration of how a decking should look before, during and just after cleaning the stain off it –

Before Using DeckStrip


During The Cleaning

Just After Cleaning

Using Biostrip 20 is easy and effective. You just need to brush or spray the required quantity of product over the stained fencing or balustrade. Leave it in situ for 30 minutes and then powerwash the surface . Biostrip 20 reaches the most inaccessible parts of the fencing or balustrades and removes the stain with its powerful cleaners.

Biostrip 20 brings back the original appearance of the wood and makes the task of re-staining the surface easy.  

Note - this work was carried out on Ronseal Decking Stain, Some stains require bleaching. Always test a small area first