BIOSTRIP'S extensive range of products is proving more popular with customers across the globe than ever before.

With such a wide range of products to choose from; including artex remover, grafitti remover, paint stripper, metal pre-treatment products and of course paint stripper, there really is something for everyone, whether amateur or professional DIY-er!

We've been getting lots of feedback recently from our delighted customers around the world.

From model builders to decorators, from cleaners to powder-coaters: Here's what they've all had to say about Biostrip lately.

"A fantastic product. Flawless. I've now recommended Biostrip Artex Remover to everyone I could, and they all thing to come along in a long time!"

Paul Marshall, via our website

"Very satisfied; a safe, green way that's extremely successful - and NO fumes! I couldn't believe it!"

Darren King, via ebay

"Fabulous. The safety aspect is a massive bonus, and the product works brilliantly. This was my first time trying to use an artex remover, and I would advise anyone in the same position to use Biostrip. You won't regret it!"

Peter Gilmour, via our website

"Delivery was prompt, the cost was reasonable, and the product is simply amazing."

Sean McCarthy, via website

"A great product; I'm very pleased with the results.Faultless service, too."

Dave Flynn, via ebay

"Works fantastically! I've been removing artex for a long time, and this is the best product for the job I've ever found."

Kevin Dolan, via ebay

"Couldn't wait to try the product after hearing so much about it, and it didn't let me down at all. I've never known an artex remover like it for safety and performance."

Paul Ketwell, via our website

"First-class product, first-class results. Really can't fault it."

Dean Smith, via ebay

"An unbelievable product that you have to try to believe. Better than anything I've tried before."

Matt Webb, via ebay

"This product really does work. It's brilliant! I definitely recommend it, and will definitely be buying Biostrip again!"

Phil Northshore, via our website

EVERY WEEK, more and more people are turning to Biostrip for all of their pre-treatment needs. It's fast becoming THE number one name for solvent-free, VOC-free and DCM-free cleaning and stripping products that are proven to outperform existing solvent-based market leaders.

To see for yourself why legions of customers from 40 countries around the world are turning to Biostrip, visit our website or get in touch today, and let us help find the perfect product to suit your DIY needs.

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