THE Biostrip name is one that can be relied on around the world to bring you the very best in  water-based, high-performance DIY solutions.

In many  countries around the world, customers have come to depend on our fantastic range of affordable, fast-acting products; making our unique paint stripper, artex remover and wheel stripper some of the best-selling on the market today.

But for those of you wondering what other great products we have under the Biostrip banner that can make light work of your DIY jobs – whether for industry or home use – here's an overview of the current, full, Biostrip range.

all of our products are water-based and have been shown to out-perform chemical-based products in independent tests


BIOSTRIP 20 – is a revolutionary new paint stripper that is safe for both the user and the environment. It is suitable for use in the home by the DIY enthusiast and also for large industrial applications as a high-power alternative to more dangerous, solvent-based products. Available in 500ml, 750ml trigger spray and 5L containers.

ARTEX REMOVER – a highly popular artex removal system that actively prevents harmful dust from entering the air and poses no risk to the user. Softens the artex, making it easy to remove from any surface. No fumes or danger from inhalation or spillages. Available in 500ml, 5L and 25L sizes.

TEXTURED PAINT REMOVER – a powerful new stripper for textured paint that is  safe for both user and environment. Fast-acting to take the hard work and effort out of removing textured paint from any surface. Available in 5L size.

WHEEL STRIP – the ultimate product for stripping wheels. Super-fast acting, no sludge formation, no filter press required;  unbeatable, proven performance. Available in 25L and 200L sizes.

WHEEL STRIP REPLENISHER – specifically designed to be used as a 'top-up' solution for wheel stripping tanks. Contains the correct amount of actives to replace solution lost due to carry-out and evaporation. The use of this product keeps the wheel stripping tank in optimum condition. Available in 25L and 200L sizes.

BIOSTRIP 42 – a revolutionary immersion paint removal system that contains no hazardous materials, meaning no risk of harm to you or your environment. Suitable for the immersion stripping of items at home or in industry as a safer alternative to traditional solvent or caustic hot strip systems. Available in 25L and 200L sizes.

GRAFFITI REMOVER – a fast-acting and solvent-free product that removes graffiti in minutes from any surface. Will not leave traces of graffiti and will not harm the under-surface. Available in 750ml trigger spray and 5L sizes.

GRAFFITI PRE-CLEAN – a safe-to-use hard surface cleaner  that can be used before the Graffiti Remover if the graffiti is covered with a stubborn layer of oil or grease. Available in 750ml and 5L sizes.

BRUSH CLEANER – a new paint brush cleaning system that is suitable for ridding paint brushes of a wide variety of both solvent and water-based paints, or difficult-to-remove paints such as Hammerite. The safer alternative to traditional solvent-based paint brush cleaners. Available in 5L size.

BRUSH RESTORER – a fantastic and popular product that will restore the hardest of brushes without the hazards of conventional products. Available in 500ml size and 5L size.