BIOSTRIP'S outstanding performance across a wide range of applications and on a wide range of surfaces is one of the many things that keeps our customers around the world coming back again and again.

We've blogged many times on the myriad of uses for Biostrip products, and the easiest way to get the best results from each application.

But a picture (or these days an online video!) can speak a thousand words. And the easiest way to demonstrate the power, speed, and efficiency of Biostrip is to show you!

With that in mind, here's a couple of great video posts made by Biostrip customer and model enthusiast Craig Ferguson.

Like all keen modellers, Craig wanted a product that would COMPLETELY clean heavily-painted model figures without the - usual 36-hour wait and frustrating hours spent scraping afterwards that chemical-based paint strippers demand.

Model figures or model kits are notoriously tricky to strip paint from. Traditionally, paint strippers damage the delicate under-surface; often destroying it or making it impossible to re-paint afterwards.

Craig said: "Before Biostrip, I'd always used chemical-based products." As well as encountering the dangers posed by chemical spills, fumes or stains, he added: "It's always been a painstaking process; it would take around 36 hours for the paint to strip, and then more time would be spent on removing the paint from the intricate details on the models, which the paint stripper hadn't removed.

"I decided to give Biostrip a go after hearing about it, and the difference was amazing. It's a brilliant product. In just one hour all the paint had been removed."

Just to show you all how easily, safely and cleanly Biostrip carries out this task, here's a couple of Craig's excellent videos showing you exactly how he did it.

Simply click on the links below to see expert videos on Biostrip in action:

Craig's excellent Youtube channel, home to all his expert uploads, can be found here:

To view the Biostrip youtube channel containing more demonstrations of Biostrip in action, click here:

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