Biostrip Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

Biostrip Floor Cleaner is designed to remove oils, soils and tyre marks from factory floors. It is suitable for use on painted or sealed concrete floors, as well as laminate and vinyl floorings.

This product can also be used on hard surfaces such as kitchen work tops.

Instructions for Use
1. Dilute Floor Cleaner in the ratio of 1:10 with warm water (ie: 1 litre of floor cleaner to 10
litres of water). Stubborn marks may require a stronger solution of floor cleaner.
2. Apply floor cleaner solution with a mop and leave for a few minutes to soak in
3. Clean floor using mop. Some pressure may be necessary to clean heavily soiled areas
4. Mop up as much liquid as possible and rinse floor with fresh water


This picture shows “before” and “after” of a painted factory floor heavily soiled with FLT tyre marks and oil. The product was used as outlined above.

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