Removing paint from any type of surface, including wood, is a time-consuming task. However, the task can be simplified by using certain techniques. These techniques are very effective and allow for simple stripping of paint from wooden surfaces such as doors, furniture and skirting boards. For large areas it is often a good idea to hire a professional paint stripper. Nevertheless, homeowners can embark on these tasks themselves if they are careful and plan what they are doing.


The following tips are very good for removing paint from wooden surfaces:


  • Move the wooden item, in the case of furniture or similar, to a clear, flat area where it is safe to work. For fixtures and fittings such as window frames, make sure the surrounding area is clear and any items that aren't being stripped are covered up if they can't be moved.

  • Deciding the right method for removing paint is essential. Generally, people use sand paper or scrapers for this task. Though these methods are effective, they take a long time and a lot of physical effort to remove the paint completely. They also generate a lot of dust. Chemical paint strippers are popular, these are extremely effective on wooden surfaces. However some strippers are highly alkaline which can damage the surface of the wood. Some chemical strippers contain hazardous ingredients so care should be taken to select the right product. It is essential that the instructions on the paint stripper are followed correctly.

  • Heat guns and blowtorches can damage a wooden surface, so if this method is used care must be taken. This technique is often best left to the professionals.

  • Having patience is a critical factor for the success of this task. Paint stripping can be a time consuming and physical task. It is also very messy. Even chemical strippers can take a long time, particularly if there are a numbers of paint layers to remove, or the paint has been applied thickly.

  • You must consider the impact of the paint stripper you are using on yourself and the environment.

  • Following the instructions issued by the manufacturers, both for application and health and safety, is essential.


The above tips are useful for anyone who is thinking about stripping paint from wood