ASK anyone who has tried it, and the chances are they'll confirm that stripping paint from metal is a much trickier task than removing it from wood.

And it doesn't help that the common techniques for removing paint from metal are littered with pitfalls. Burning the paint off might be a common practice for professionals, but it holds the ever-present risk of causing burns or injury to yourself or your surroundings.

Boiling the paint off metal can also cause problems, as the technique is very hit and miss - and when it does work its a very messy process.

Sand-blasting is another technique that's commonly used by professionals, but is painstaking, lengthy work that certainly doesn't come cheap.

Presenting the high-performance, affordable, safe and fast alternative - Biostrip.

This is a piece of metal that has been polyester powdercoated and then immersed in Biostrip for just twenty minutes. Notice how the paint simply falls off as a sheet.

Biostrip is a revolutionary new water-based paint stripper that is fast and effective on the really tough industrial paints used to coat metal, such as fusion-bonded powder coats, 2 pack epoxy's, Hammerite, etc.

Biostrip is really easy use, non-hazardous and, what's more, is not affected by the paint it strips. Also, it doesn't evaporate, so a dip tank of it lasts a very long time!

And here's how to do it...

Stripping metal parts with Biostrip in a dip tank is simplicity itself.

Just immerse the parts in Biostrip, wait 20 minutes or so, and then take them out....and that's all there is to it!

The paint generally just drops off in nice big sheets. Multiple coats of paint might take a little longer, but the end result is the same; the paint just drops off.


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