How to Remove Paint from Alloy Wheels Effectively

Getting rid of unwanted paint from alloy wheels can be a dangerous task, traditionally it uses hazardous chemicals containing materials such as methylene chloride, hydrofluoric acid or cresols and phenols. These materials are extremely hazardous and have led to many injuries and in a few sad cases, death. The task can be carried out more safely with Biostrip Wheel Stripper

Alloy Wheels are one of the most important parts of modern vehicles and are used in motorcycles and other vehicles such as cars and trucks. Most of the luxury cars on the market today have intricately designed alloy wheels. These wheels are attractive to look at. Alloy wheels can be damaged easily, simply by hitting a high curb or in a collision. Replacement is extremely expensive, so repair is becoming very commonplace. Also, as modern vehicles last longer and the secondhand market expands, car owners spend time improving the cosmetic appearance of their cars. Changing the colour of alloy wheels is now very popular and many companies offer this service.

During the repair of an alloy wheel, or prior to any colour change or repaint, the old coating must be completely removed. Most wheels have a base coat, or primer under the top coat. This can be extremely difficult to remove as it is chemically bonded to the aluminium. Standard “paint strippers” do not generally remove this base coat.

There are a few ways to successfully remove the coatings from an alloy wheel. One of these methods is shot blasting, but it can be quite costly and is not always suitable for everybody as it requires very specialist equipment. If it is not carried out correctly it can easily damage the underlying aluminium surface.

If you are keen to know about an effective method of removing paint from alloy wheels, then you should look at some of the modern dedicated wheel stripping products.Wheel Stripper is very successful with respect to its availability, pricing, and effectiveness. This product provides great results as far as removing paint from alloy wheels is concerned.

Steps involved in the process:

Fill a stainless steel tank with a quantity of Wheel Stripper

Heat to above 60C

Immerse the alloy wheels (strip times are usually from 2 hours upwards, although some German wheels can take circa 4 hours or more)

Increasing the temperature towards 80C will reduce strip times

The paint is usually stripped off in large sheets, if a mesh basket is used to hold the wheels this will also act as a filter and “trap” much of the removed paint

Benefits of using Wheel Stripper:

It does not contain hazardous Methylene chloride

No expensive additives required

does not damage the alloy, thus can be left overnight

cost effective

Removing unwanted paint from alloy wheels has become easier with the wheel strippers available in the market today. These products are designed specifically to remove the primers from modern OEM alloy wheels.

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