IN the past, the favoured methods of stripping paint from alloy wheels has been either by shot blasting (expensive) or using solvent-based and highly acidic paint strippers (very dangerous to use and now the subject of a Europe-wide trade ban due to an EEC ruling).

Biostrip Alloy Wheel Cleaner is a safer, fast alternative

The product is very effective at stripping a wide variety of paints and laquers from alloy wheels, and the process couldn't be quicker or easier.

Stripping Alloy Wheels with Biostrip:

  • Immerse the wheel in the Biostrip solution, at 60 C or above  for two to three hours (might take slightly longer depending upon wheel manufacturer)
  • Once immersed, the fast-acting fomula will begin working immediately  to remove the top coat  from the wheel, once removed it will start work on the notoriously difficult OEM primer.
  • The paint will be removed in large sheets which can be filtered or strained from the stripper solution
  • All that remains is to rinse the wheel, wipe it clean, and it's ready to repaint



OEM primers will not normally strip below temperatures of 60C

Do NOT strip steel parts alongside alloy wheels.


Benefits of stripping your Alloy Wheels with Biostrip: 

  • Takes as little as 2 HOURS to strip
  • No need for costly additives
  • Contains no methylene chloride
  • Zero sludge formation; so no costly filter press required
  • Paintwork peels off in strips