Of course the immediate answer to the question is "Yes". Biostrip 20 will remove most paints from brick and concrete. It is effective on painted walls as well as splashed walls. The product has even been used to successfully clean spilt paint from a childrens playground.

Application Information:

You need to lay on a good, thick coating of the Biostrip 20 and give it plenty of time to work. it won't damage the underlying substrate (unlike grinding or blasting).

Being water based it  will stay wet for a long time, usually until it works its way through to the bricks below. On very hot days  it may be necessary to apply a further coat of product to ensure there is no drying out. The strip time can take anything from 30 minutes to several hours particularly if there is a heavy paint build up. It is always best to leave it in situ until the paint has completely softened or blistered. A second application may be necessary if there are many layers of paint or if there are intricate areas.

Once the paint has been fully softened the used product can be wiped, scraped or power washed away from the brick surface. Ensure the area is cleaned thoroughly after stripping with fresh soapy water, then finally with clean fresh water.