WHETHER its paint sprayed on house walls, garages and fences outside the home, or ink and paint daubed indoors by children, the problem of graffiti always comes down to how to remove it, effectively and safely.

The internet is flooded with tips, hints and guides that all claim to show you the best way to get rid of graffiti.

But these methods are littered with pitfalls; hours of scrubbing, toxic fumes from chemicals in the removal products, spillages that cause danger to pets, children and the environment, all hinder your progress.

The beauty of Biostrip is that it immediately eliminates ALL of these pitfalls, leaving you with a job well done, and none of the headaches.

So to to remove the graffiti quickly and cleanly, Biostrip has two fantastic products available: Biostrip 42 Graffiti Pre-Clean and Biostrip 42 Graffiti Removal, depending on the type of work that needs doing.

And here's how to do it!

  • Firstly, we'll look at preparing the surface

This can be vital because often the graffiti will be covered with a layer of oil or grease, which can prevent the actual graffiti remover from working properly.

If this is this case, simply apply BIOSTRIP 42 Graffiti Pre-Clean. (If no oil or grease is present, there is no need to use this application, and you can simply skip to the next step). Allowing the Pre-Clean to soak in will give you a massive head start on removing the actual graffiti.

  • Next, we will move on to graffiti removal

Biostrip 42 Graffiti Removal is a revolutionary new water-based system that is safer for users, pets, plants and the environment. It is widely used around the home by DIY enthusiasts, and also by graffiti removal contractors who are interested in protecting the environment.

Making sure that the Biostrip completely covers the affected surface area, the next step is simply to scrub the area to remove the graffiti and restore it to its former glory. Next, simply wash down the area with water to remove any remaining product.

PROVEN to outperform the industry's leading solvent-based products, benefits of BIOSTRIP 42 include:

  • WATER-BASED - no losses due to evaporation, non-flammable, odour free, solvent free, no VOC
  • NON-TOXIC - safer for users, pets, plants and the environment
  • NON-CAUSTIC - will not affect sensitive surfaces such as marble, does not cause burns to users
  • CLINGS to surfaces being treated; no waste, economical to use
  • DOES NOT give off hazardous or noxious fumes - no ventilation required; suitable indoors or in confined spaces
  • NON-IRRITANT - will not irritate skin

And what's more, both BIOSTRIP 42 products can be used on virtually ANY surface:

  • WOOD
  • METAL (including aluminium, zinc, and other white metal alloys)

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