This image shows a radiator 20 minutes after being immersed in/painted with Biostrip...both layers of paint simply peel off in mess-free sheets.

STRIPPING paint from radiators can be a notoriously tricky job.

Commonly this is because radiators tend to have two coats of paint. These are a water-based electrocoat primer and a fusion-bonded powder paint topcoat.

The most difficult layer of these to remove tends to be the water-based primer. This is because most traditional solvent-based paint strippers will not attack modern water-based paints. Indeed, popular solvent-based strippers, such as Nitromors, often contain DCM (dichloro methane) which are to be banned within a few weeks (read more on that HERE).

That's where Biostrip comes in - to complete the job in just 20 MINUTES!

Biostrip is an eco-friendlier water-based technology that is safer for users, safer for the job-in-hand, and safer for your environment.

How is it done?

There are two ways to do it.

Firstly, the quickest and easiest way to remove ALL the paint from the radiator is to dip it in a tank of Biostrip. After leaving it for twenty minutes (during which time both layers of paint will be stripped), simply rinse off the radiator with water, dry it and repaint it.

Of course, for most of us, the facilities and time needed to remove a radiator and dip it in a special tank aren't an option. Fortunately there is a method that works in any room of the house just as well - and doesn't require removing the radiator at all.

Simply grab a clean brush, and paint the radiator with Biostrip, being sure to also paint inside all those tricky corners and creases. After around 20 minutes, you will be able to see that the paint has blistered all over. At this point, you can easily scrape off the blistered paint. There's no need to worry, as the Biostrip will have easily penetrated both layers of paint, and scraping will reveal a clean, paint-free under-surface.

All that remains is to wipe the radiator with a wet rag to remove any remaining traces of Biostrip, allow the radiator to dry and then simply repaint it.

It's that easy!

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