ONE of the more common questions we get asked about the Biostrip range is - what's it like on metals?

This image shows a radiator just 20 minutes after being immersed in/painted with Biostrip...both layers of paint simply peel off in mess-free sheets.

The short answer is that it's  fantastic for removing paint from metal without causing any harm to the under-surface.

Biostrip is really good for stripping paint from metal, and it will strip a wide variety of paint finishes, including fusion-dried powder coats,

tricky stuff like Hammerite paints and two-pack epoxy's, as well as modern water-based automotive-type paints; especially the notoriously difficult-to-strip two-pack water-based auto finishes.

Stripping paint from metal - completely and in less than 10 minutes.

The easiest way to get rid of the paint is to use Biostrip 42 Immersion Stripper. This is a "thin" version of Biostrip 20, into which metal parts can be dipped.

  • Normally at temperatures above 25°C, a single coating of fusion-cured powder epoxy paint will take about 20 minutes to strip
  • Water-based two-pack automotive paints can start to strip in as little as 10 minutes, depending on the paint type and thickness
  • Really difficult coatings such as MOD Nato-type paints, or things like Caterpillar yellow (used on diggers etc) can take a bit longer, but usually no more than an hour
  • A typical domestic radiator with two coats of paint, a water-based electrocoat primer with a fusion-cured powder topcoat, normally takes about 30 minutes to strip both coats
Even garden furniture, such as the Chiminea featured here, along with metal sheds, barbecues, other garden furniture and children's toys, can all be stripped of paint effortlessly and quickly with Biostrip.

IT'S easy to see when the paint has stripped from the parts as it blisters away from the metal surface in large sheets.

Once the part has stripped  it should be rinsed with water to remove any residual stripper, as this would cause future paint applications to blister when applied.

For household applications, when strip tanks are not available, then biostrip 20, a thixotropic (thickened) product should be used. This can be painted on the surfaces to be stripped. Left until the paint blisters or softens, then scraped or washed off. This can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending upon paint type, thickness, number of layers and ambient temperature.