VEHICLE engine parts are traditionally painted with heat resistant paint; often 2-pack water-based paint, which can be very difficult to move.

Of course, things are made worse by years of vehicle use, resulting in the hot engine baking the paint on and making it almost impossible to remove. Solvent-based strippers might make a good job of traditional engine paints, but have always struggled with the newer, water-based, multi-pack paints.

So what's the alternative?

Biostrip, a global-selling product, is designed specifically for this job. It is a safe, water-based paint remover that works particularly well on both the traaditional engine paints and the water-based multi-pack systems.

We have run tests on black painted rocker box covers from commercial diesel engines that have completed over 250,000 miles. The engines are in for a refurb, and of course the old black paint needs removing prior to repainting to give that good-as-new look.

We immersed the rocker box covers in Biostrip for around 60 minutes, took them out and washed them over with a hose.

This engine block was completely stripped of paint after one 60-minute application of Biostrip

As you can see from this picture, every bit of paint and rubbish was removed by Biostrip, leaving behind an absolutely pristine surface ready for repaint, with no further work required.