Sometimes nothing spoils a hot summer's day more than discovering your barbecue in this condition...but don't take it to the tip just yet!!

WITH the warmer weather already here, the minds of many are turning to their barbecues.

Usually, a journey to the back of the garage reveals the barbecue to be coated in rust, grime or generally in need of a good clean.

Of course, this can be a messy job; not to mention a time-consuming one involving lots of elbow-work.

With the vast majority of cleaning, stripping and grime removal products currently on the market set to be banned from sale in June 2012

(due to EEC legislation), it's a relief to know that there's already a product on the market that, thanks to its natural, water-based formula, willnot be affected by the ban - and is repeatedly proven to out-perform current market-leading products.

Cleaning barbecues the Biostrip couldn't be easier!

Here's how to do it!

  • A great little product specifically for removing rust from metal or chrome work on barbecues is the Biostrip Rust Remover.

Firstly, it is a non-toxic, solvent-free, non-hazardous acidic rust stripper. This means that, as it is based on phosphoric acid, the rust is quickly dissolved and replaced with a layer of iron phosphate.

  • Or, if you want to remove large areas of rust from the metalwork in one go, Biostrip 42 Rust Remover, which is a thin version of the above-mentioned product that can be poured directly into a container. Simply submerge the rust-affected areas into the container, and leave it to soak. This process can take anything from a few minutes to an hour or so, depending on the size of the affected area and the thickness of the rust.
Even the most rusted, old barbecues can be brought back to their former glory in a matter of chemicals, no solvents, no toxic aromas; just Biostrip.

    After that, it's simply a matter of rinsing off the metal with water, drying it, and its ready to return to the  barbecue!

But of course, rust isn't the only problem that can spoil the appearance of your once-gleaming barbecue. Hardened fats or food scraps from last summer's garden parties are a common find, too, and can be just as tricky to shift.

Again, Biostrip have a non-toxic, solvent-free, world-class product that can do the job in no time at all - and more importantly, take all of the effort out of it!

  • Firstly, apply Biostrip via a watering can with a suitably fitted rose, or use a garden spray
  • For best results, always apply on a dry day
  • Simply dilute up to ten times with water (1 litre can be made up to 10 litres with water)
  • Coat the surface of the barbecue with Biostrip, and...
  • That's it! Simply leave the unique formula of Biostrip to do the rest, and return to find your barbecue back to its gleaming glory!

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