OUR latest customer report shows Biostrip dealing with the once-tricky task of removing paint from plaster.

Customer Paul O’brien purchased Biostrip 20 for a tricky job on his 150 year-old house.

Paul’s heavily-painted plaster mouldings before applying Biostrip. Notice how years of re-painting have hidden the moulding’s details.

He told us: “The house has many mouldings around the ceilings that over the years have been painted and repainted. I was wanting to strip them back so that when I decorate, the details of the mouldings will be seen better.”

So how did Biostrip do?

Paul added: “I am more than impressed with the results. I have two upright mouldings and I was unsure how I could remove the paint without destroying the plaster.

10 minutes after being painted with Biostrip Paint Stripper, its effects are already clear to see; the thick paint is already beginning to blister, even in the intricate detailing.

“The Biostrip began working within 10 minutes and the paint began to blister. I left the Biostrip on for one hour and using a shave hook removed the loose paint from the mouldings.

“I repeated this process two further times. The next time I applied Biostrip I was able to use a toothbrush and water to scrub/wash away the paint and then use a wooden BBQ skewer to pick the paint and stripper out of the detail.”

Paul now says he couldn’t be happier with the results.

“I can’t say enough to praise your product and the service I received from you after placing my order.”  

The end result – just one hour after applying Biostrip, Paul’s mouldings are completely stripped of paint – even from the intricate details – and the plaster remains in perfect condition.

As Paul’s work shows; Biostrip works effortlessly to remove every drop of paint from the surface – even from the most intricate detailing. And, as scores of customers around the world have told us; the results are just as faultless on brick, cement, metal, plastic, wood, walls and so much more.

What’s more, Biostrip’s entire product range is water-based; specifically formulated to take the hard work out of your jobs, whether around the home or in industry. And because the range is water-based, there’s zero risk of harm from spillages or fumes etc, for you and your environment – all with the high-performance you’d expect from solvent-based products.


thanks to Paul O’brien for his email and information!