Removing Artex just got a lot easier...

Traditionally, artex contains asbestos.

This asbestos is completely harmless as long as it is on the wall or ceiling, but chipping or scraping it away releases the dangerous asbestos fibres in the form of a dust. Once airborne, this dust can be - and often is - fatal if inhaled. For these reasons, traditionally, the removal of artex was a long process that could only be carried out by professionals with the correct protective equipment.


Introducing Biostrip Artex Remover - a revolution in Artex removal:

Biostrip Artex Remover unique formula completely softens the artex so it can be removed without forming a dust - and with zero risk of damage to you, your family and your environment.

What Biostrip Artex Remover assures you:

  • Proven Performance - we supply to a number of contractors who buy this product on a monthly basis
  • Fast Acting
  • Completely safe for users - no protective gear or ventilation needed
  • Water-based - no chemicals or toxins
  • Fume Free - won't fill your room with hazardous or noxious fumes


Suitable Substrates:

Any artex, whether subsequently coated with gloss or emulsion paints. If there are several coats of paint over the artex, more than one application of Artex Remover may be necessary to remove all of the artex coating.

Directions for Use:

  • APPLY...Biostrip Artex Remover generously onto artexed areas. Allow to soften and form a gel (1 to 2 hours)
  • REMOVE...gelled artex by scraping. Repeat process as necesary
  • WASH...the area down and allow it to dry thoroughly