the global revolution in carbon-neutral high-performance

With an incredible range of products available - including artex remover, graffiti removal, paint stripper, engine degreaser, mould remover and more), people are forever being asked what makes Biostrip so special.

And with so many paint strippers and metal pre-treatment products currently on the market, just what is it that sets Biostrip head and shoulders above the rest, and keeps customers coming back time and time again?

In this post, we'll look at a few of the key answers.

Who are Biostrip?

We are THE leading manufacturer and provider of a revolutionary range of 100% eco-friendly, carbon-neutral pre-treatment solutions, designed specifically to take the hard work out of ALL your maintenance/DIY jobs - without the risk of burns, inhalation, and damage to the environment.

It's this guarantee that provides the high-quality results you need - without the problems associated with traditional paint-stripping products - which brings you a true alternative to traditional pre-treatments.

Why is the end in sight for many of our competitors?

Traditional products rely on a cocktail of dangerous solvents, or DMCs, and are soon to be banned from sale to the general public. Anyone who has used them will know all too well the associated risks of burns, fires and noxious fumes; not to mention the damage to the environment.

What is the Biostrip Guarantee?

Thanks to our cutting edge sustainable technologies, we are able to bring you products that not only offer a proven, reliable performance, but also guarantee :





All with the high-standard of performance that you'd expect from traditional, soon-to-be-banned, solvent-based products.

"In short, Biostrip products give you the opportunity to make your pre-treatment, cleaning and preparation processes carbon neutral; which not only brings you peace of mind that there is zero risk of burns or toxic inhalation, all while helping you contribute towards reducing the effects of climate change."

So, whether it's paint or varnish stripping, removing graffiti or restoring garden furniture and decking; everything you need is right here under the Biostrip banner.

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the global revolution in carbon-neutral high-performance