The whole range of paint stripping products from Biostrip are manufactured for a safer experience. They use water as the base solvent , they do not contain hazardous solvents such as methylene chloride, this is why they strip all paints without causing any harmful side effects.

Biostrip is well aware of the risk factors associated with removing various types of paint. This task is quite difficult and tedious as it traditionally involves the use of dangerous solvent-based paint strippers. As the name itself indicates, these strippers are manufactured using harmful chemicals . In order to avoid these chemicals, and make paint removal a less hazardous task, Biostrip have developed a wide range of water-based paint strippers.

Biostrip products are suitable for use in all areas of paint removal, there are products available for Artex and textured paint removal. The Artex Remover is very effective as it forms a gel, so is safe for use on the older, asbestos containing Artex, as no dust is generated. This type of product is ideal for home owners who need to remove layers of Artex before they can start to renovate their home. Like all Biostrip products, Artex Remover is water based thus safer than traditional methylene chloride based products.

Biostrip has gained a favourable reputation amongst its industrial customers, primarily due to its immersion strippers. These strippers also use water as their base solvent, making them safer than traditional products which were based upon methylene chloride and cresols. Due to their improved safety profile, these immersion strippers are safer for human environment, they do not fume and are virtually odour free. However, these strippers are still extremely effective on even the most persistent paints, such as chrome based primers, that are difficult to remove by any other means. The task of paint stripping becomes easier with this large range of paint strippers from Biostrip.

The company also has a large range of ancillary products that can be used by paint stripping professionals when working on different tasks. These ancillary products include items such as: coveralls, paint scraper, brushes etc as well as hard surface cleaners, de-icers and algae removers.

Many of these products from Biostrip can be purchased locally. However, Biostrip does have a large internet presence. Products can be purchased online from their eCommerce website. All products are competitively priced and discounts are available for multiple orders. Although primarily a UK store, products can be posted abroad.

The above benefits have added to the popularity of these products and that is why their demand is increasing quite consistently. The future prospects of these products are very good indeed.

About the Company: Biostrip has become an extremely popular name both in the home and in industry due to its paint stripping products. Amongst its range of products the company has earned a good reputation because of immersion strippers and Artex Removal products.