IT'S that time of year again....

And love it or hate it, winter weather brings one slippery problem that everyone could do

And it's not just the persistent problem of ice-coated cars that cause us headaches, either.....icy roads, pavements, driveways and steps are just some of the perils that make journeys dangerous - and often put people off leaving the house altogether until the big thaw sets in.

More often than not, deicers can bring more problems than they do solutions. Deicers can be expensive, or stop working at low temperatures (which is when you need them most!). Their chemical composition can often be environmentally un-friendly and, just to make matters worse, they're usually out of stock for miles around by the time you realise you need some!!!

BIOSTRIP's new deicer guarantees you a safer, proven product that is going to do the job in minutes and is available NOW!

What makes Biostrip Deicer safer?

  • Non-corrosive and non-toxic
  • Exceptional performance on paths, driveways, steps, roads etc
  • Fast-acting - gets to work immediately
  • Salt-free and completely safe to use
  • Effective at temperatures as low as -10°C
  • Does not damage grass or plants, and will not spoil floor coverings if walked indoors
  • Available in solid form (for application by spreader or shovel) AND
  • Available as a liquid (for use in a watering can)

What's more, Biostrip are now offering special prices on early orders from our Ebay shop, which you can find by clicking HERE

So don't get caught out again this year...order Biostrip Deicer today, and beat the big freeze before it even sets in!

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