WHEN an Isle of Man contractor needed a reliable, eco-friendly paint stripper for a gigantic job, he knew exactly where to turn - Biostrip.

Gabe Green and his team of workers were faced with the tricky challenge of removing every scrap of paint from the walls of this street in Santon, Isle of Man.


The heavily-painted homes before a brush with Biostrip


Gabe said: "It's quite a task...the buildings are quite heavily painted, and we neeeded a reliable, powerful, safe paint stripper to get the job done."

Gabe found our website, and ordered Biostrip's All-Purpose Paint Stripper, which was dispatched to him within 24 hours.






                                                                    The same walls a few hours later...







Because Biostrip's unique formula gets to work straight away, the effects of its removal are almost instantly visible.

And because there are no noxious fumes, no bad odours, and zero risk of danger from inhalation, the entire, easy process is made safer, too.

Gabe said that he and his team are delighted with the results so far in this ongoing project.

"Biostrip is certainly doing the job," he added.


Whether its large contract jobs like the one faced by Gabe, or whether its smaller jobs around the home or garden; Biostrip really is the number one answer to your paint removal problems.