BIOSTRIP'S range is always expanding, and that means one thing for all of our customers across the globe.

It means the safer, proven performance and fantastic benefits of using Biostrip are available across a wider range of products than ever before, ensuring that all your DIY jobs - whether at home or on-site - are stress-free and danger-free.

Below is a brief look at the full Biostrip range. So indoors or out, whether you're stripping paint, removing artex, wiping away graffiti or cleaning alloy wheels, we're sure we've got just the product for you - and all at an unbeatable price.

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Biostrip 20

BIOSTRIP 20 ™ is a revolutionary new general purpose paint stripper that is safer for both the user and the environment.It is thickened so suitable for application by brush or spray.

Biostrip Artex Remover

Biostrip Artex Remover allows the safe removal of artex without causing dust from harmful Asbestos fibres.

Wheel Strip

The ultimate product for stripping wheels. Super-fast acting, no sludge formation, no filter press required; hazard free with unbeatable, proven performance.

Biostrip 42 Brush Restorer

Biostrip 42 Brush Restorer safely allows the most hardened brushes to be re-softened and brought back to life.

Biostrip 42 Brush Cleaner

Biostrip 42 Brush Cleaner safely allows the cleaning of dirty brushes and leaves them as good as new.

Biostrip 42 Immersion Stripper

Biostrip 42 Immersion Stripper safely allows the dip stripping of a wide range of coatings. Ideal for large items.

Biostrip 42 Graffiti Remover

Biostrip 42 Graffiti Remover safely allows graffiti to be removed from the affected area.

Biostrip 42 Graffiti Pre Clean

Biostrip 42 Graffiti Pre Clean removes any oils or grease from the graffiti, enabling a faster and more effective removal.

Biostrip Textured Paint Remover

Biostrip Textured Paint Remover is formulated specifically for the removal of textured coatings. It will not damage the underlying substrate.

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