IT'S been a fantastic first year for Biostrip!

The last twelve months have seen a wide expansion to not only the Biostrip customer base (with legions of loyal customers around the world), but also to the product range, meaning more people than ever before are now reaping the many benefits of Biostrip.

The product range itself has grown rapidly over the last year, due to innovation from our incredible chemists, and also demand from our customers - all keen to see Biostrip 20's fantastic properties extended to other uses.

During this last year we have added several new products to the range, all carrying the Biostrip guarantee of safety and proven performance....

Our Artex Remover has proven popular with contractors redecorating corporation housing and, at the other end of the scale, with DIY enthusiasts making home improvements.

Our latest development - Wheel Stripper -  has roused a great deal of interest during its trial phase and should be fully commercialised within the next few weeks.

As well as this, Brush Restorer, Graffiti Remover, Textured Paint Remover and more have all gone on sale under the Biostrip banner, and have proven to be popular with customers around the globe.

We have also made sales and set up partnerships outside of the UK - in countries such as Poland, Germany, France and Australia.

Several distributors have come on board during the year, meaning Biostrip is available to buy in more places than ever!

Various novel uses for Biostrip have been discovered, including the stripping of Warhammer models, aircraft wheels and rolling stock. Biostrip has also been used  by Art Galleries, Theatres, Schools and museums.

So keep watching this space for more exciting Biostrip announcements soon - and don't forget to visit our website at for the latest special offers and to browse the Biostrip range!