WITH a whole host of fantastic new products now available to purchase via our website, BIOSTRIP really is going from strength to strength.

For customers across the globe, BIOSTRIP is the number one choice; whether its paint-stripping, graffiti removal, metal pre-treatments, car valeting products or more; it seems everyone is choosing BIOSTRIP ahead of traditional, solvent-based products - for all of their needs.

Customers are always getting back in touch with us; asking to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest Biostrip info, or just to let us know how well BIOSTRIP has worked for them.

If you're considering purchasing BIOSTRIP, take a look below for just some of the recent comments we've received.

  • "I used Biostrip to strip paint off motorcycle bodywork...I'm very happy with the product!" Max Loosli, via email
  • "Great service!" Kerry Whitty, via Biostrip website
  • "Delivery was prompt, the cost is reasonable, and the product does the job very well," S.McArdle, via email
  • "I've recommended Biostrip 20 to lots of people. I used it to strip wooden garage doors. The price is very competitive, and I'm very pleased with the product," Adam Lister, via email
  • "Very satisfied - a safe, green way that's extremely successful, and no fumes!" Douglas King, via email
  • "There are very few paint removal products suitable for use on epoxy laminates, certainly traditional products such as Nitromors cannot be used. Biostrip fulfilled a difficult requirement for me. In this application, it is second-to-none," Mike Hayes, of Mike's Imagination



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