BIOSTRIP are encouraging all of our customers to spare whatever they can for a worthwhile cause - the Ghana Project 2013.

Jess Hartopp, 15, is one of the charitable teens helping to raise much-needed cash for the development of new schools in the rural areas of Ghana, West Africa.

What is Ghana Outlook?

The charity was formed in 2000. With the help of many individuals and organisations, they have been able to provide numerous schools, fresh water supplies, libraries and other essential aid to the poor rural areas of Ghana.

Ghana Outlook believes in projects that help communities to help themselves, and leave an end result that is sustainable in the long term.

Of course, these vital projects cost time and money, and often it is simply the generosity of individuals and organisations that enable Ghana Outlook to commit to the projects.

Biostrip Ltd sponsor Cheshire Fire Cadet

Cheshire Fire and Rescue service is committed to developing young people and has a number of very successful youth engagement programmes, including Fire Cadet Units.

The cadets make a positive contribution to the community through activities such as fitting smoke alarms for members of the public, supporting local initiatives such as lutter picks and car boot sales.

The Cadets work very closely with Ghana Outlook. In Summer 2013, Cadets from Cheshire will be travelling to Ghana to help build another school.

But before they go, they must each raise £3000 to contribute towards the materials required for construction.

Biostrip are sponsoring Jess and helping her where possible to raise money for this worthy cause.

If you would like to support Jess and all her hard work, then it couldn't be easier. Every penny really does help, no matter what size the donation, and literally every penny you pledge will go directly to Jess' appeal.

To donate a small sum and help change lives, simply click on the 'Donate' button below.


Thank you for your help!