BIOSTRIP is all about meeting customer demand.

That's why the latest products in our ever-growing range are already proving popular.

Many customers have contacted us to say they're delighted with Biostrip's results on metal, wood, plastic, artex, plaster and much more.

But with smaller jobs around the home, the need often isn't there for five-litre containers' worth of paint stripper or artex remover.

So this week, we are unveiling two new products from the brand you can depend on; the same great results in a smaller, cheaper size.


Biostrip Artex Remover 500ml tub 

the ideal product for the safe, fast and thorough removal of artex from walls, ceilings or anywhere. This little tub goes a long way – 500ml will remove anywhere up to 3 sq metres of artex; with no danger from toxic fumes or spillages – and with zero risk of harm to you, your family or your environment. Biostrip Artex Remover actively prevents dangerous dust from entering the air and is suitable for use indoors or in confined spaces.

Biostrip Brush Restorer 500ml tub -

this revolutionary new paint brush cleaning system is safer both for you and your environment. It will restore the hardest of brushes without the hazards of conventional products. Gives off no harmful or hazardous fumes, so ventilation is not required.