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Biostrip Paint Stripper Applications

Safer Solutions for Paint Stripping

  Biostrip's unique paint stripping formulations have proven to be effective for many types of applications and coatings.

They work on the toughest of coatings such as aircraft paints and primers, through to challenging jobs like artex removal and car restorations.

Biostrip will remove a huge range of coatings including polyester and epoxy powder coatings, water based coatings, primers, oil based paints, emulsion, textured paint, masonry paint and gloss. 

It is effective on many substrates, including metal, wood, plaster, plastics, GRP, stone, brick, marble, concrete and many more.

The Biostrip range includes immersion strippers for general use, and more specialised immersion strippers for things like alloy wheel stripping.

A full range of ancillaries such as brush cleaners and restorers, disposable gloves, overalls and brushes etc. etc. is also available.


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