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Immersion Stripper


immersion stripping with biostrip 42
Strips Furniture too..
strips back to bare wood

Biostrip 42 immersion stripper is suitable for use on wooden items, as well as metal and many plastics, especially glass fibre.

It does not swell or damage wood like many caustic based strippers.

Strip tanks should be made from stainless steel or high density polyethylene, and will need a heater to warm the Biostrip 42 to around 300C. It is a good idea to put the work in a mesh basket, the mesh will act as a filter and collect the stripped paint.

Heat the Biostrip 42 to approximately 300C and immerse the items to be stripped. Strip times will vary from 30 minutes to several hours, depending upon paint type to be removed, thickness and number of paint layers.

Once the work has stripped, it should be power washed or rinsed to remove any loose paint and stripper residue that remains.