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Simple and easy to use guide on paint stripping





The paint on wooden furniture fades away with the passage of time, making it dull and unattractive. The best thing you can do is strip the old paint off and reapply a new coat. The time it takes to remove paint from your wooden furniture will depend upon the type of paint you are removing, how intricate the furniture is and how many coats are on it. Biostrip 20 will help you make easy work of removing the old paint, whatever its condition.

Things Required:

  • Clean cloths or towels for wiping down
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Cheap disposable paint brushes 
  • Clean water
  • Liquid cleaner 
  • Putty knife or a paint scraper
  • Steel wool or fine sandpaper for cleaning intricate areas

Most of the above is contained in the convenient Biostrip Stripping Kit  HERE.

Steps For How to Remove Paint from Wooden Furniture

  • Apply a liberal coating of Biostrip to the furniture using a suitable paint brush – using cheap throw away's makes this job nice and easy
  • Let the Biostrip do its work – this can take anything from around 20 minutes to a couple of hours.
  • The key things that affect the time to strip the old paint are the ambient temperature and the number of coats of paint on the furniture. The colder the temperature, and the more coats of paint, then the longer it will take to strip – simple!
  • Once the paint has softened and bubbled, then simply scrape, wipe, brush or wash off the softened paint. If scraping the paint off, take care not to damage the wooden surface beneath. If there are coats of paint remaining then simply repeat the process until all the paint is removed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure not to damage the underlying wood with over zealous scraping or scrubbing – let the Biostrip do its job. Biostrip will not damage the underlying wood in any way – only you will do that!
  • Once the paint has been removed wash/wipe the wood with Biostrip Cleaner – this product is specially formulated to help remove any remaining paint and neutralise any remaining stripper, then finally rinse down with fresh water to ensure easy application of new paint.
  • Once the wood is completely dry it is ready for the new paint – simple!