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Biostrip - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biostrip?

A range of water based paint strippers and ancillary products for use in the home, trade and industry. The range includes artex removers, paint brush cleaner, paint strippers and graffiti removers

What are the benefits of Biostrip?

Our products replace traditional, solvent-based substances and offer an unrivalled level of performance, offering ease of use and economy. All of our technology was primarily developed for industry, so is designed to work in the toughest of applications and situations.

What is the solvent ban?

Traditional paint stripping products used methylene chloride which has now been banned from sale to the general public following an EEC ruling. Anyone who has used these solvent-based products in the past will know all too well the associated risks of burns, fires and noxious fumes - not to mention the damage to the environment. The ban is designed to eliminate these risks.

Who uses Biostrip products?

Our products are used by trades people and amateur DIY-ers, they are also supplied in large quantities into industry, for, for example - stripping powder coated parts and cleaning equipment in paint booths.

Where can Biostrip be used?

Biostrip can be used virtually anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. Its unique properties guarantee an outstanding result on all woods, metals, plastics etc, making it an essential part of your home maintenance kit.

Where are Biostrip based?

Biostrip are based in Staffordshire, England.

How long has Biostrip been trading for?

Biostrip started trading in October 2010

Where can I keep up with the latest Biostrip news, range extensions and information?

On this website

Where can I buy Biostrip?

Biostrip can be ordered directly through this website.

How can I contact Biostrip?

The office is open between 8am and 4pm Monday to Thursday, and 8am until noon on a Friday. Emails can be sent anytime and are viewed on a regular basis even when the office is closed.