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Dangers of Existing Products


The Biostrip range is designed to solve a serious problem that exists for both home users and tradesmen needing to remove paints, varnishes and other applications efficiently without encountering serious dangers to their health

What Does the Solvent Ban Mean for You?

Most traditional paint stripping  products contain a  chemical called Methylene Chloride (DCM). This has been considered so dangerous that the EEC has passed legislation that will outlaw their sale to the general public or to professionals over the period of 6/12/2010 to 6/12/2012.

Liquid paint and varnish removers are among the most toxic products used in homes and workshops. The active ingredients in most common paint removers are organic solvents that damage the skin, eyes, respiratory tract, nervous system, internal organs and in a few cases have led to death.

 Special precautions must be taken in their use, especially if there are children present who might come in contact with either the material or its fumes. Paint stripper formulations in paste form are less hazardous than the liquid forms because they only contain around 50% solvents, rather than 100% as found in the liquid forms, but still contain considerable risks to the user.