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Biostrip Wheelstrip is a new, safer technology that is:

  • easy to use – all you need is a single heated tank
  • safer than any other product on the market – no hazchem labels required
  • the only "safe stripper" on the market that can be used in a drum (like the old acid strippers)
  • cost competitive both in terms of purchase cost and running costs

You don't need:

  • agitation in your tank
  • expensive filtration equipment

Compared to traditional acid strippers, our customers claim that:

  • Biostrip wheelstrip takes one hour longer on average to strip a German OEM wheel
  • Biostrip Wheelstrip has a  much longer life time
  • Biostrip wheelstrip has minimal disposal costs – it is not classed as hazardous waste.

Biostrip supply complete turnkey systems for alloy wheel stripping, from simple starter systems  to  systems for stripping 4 to 80 wheels at a time