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Biostrip 42, Brush Cleaner - 25 Litre

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Suitable for cleaning a wide variety of paints from all types of paint brushes.

Biostrip 42, Brush Cleaner - 25 Litre

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Biostrip 42 Brush Cleaner is a revolutionary new paint brush cleaning system that is safer compared to methylene chloride containing products both for user and the environment. It is suitable for cleaning all types of paint brushes of a wide variety of both solvent and water based paints, even difficult to remove paints such as hammerite. It is a safer alternative to traditional solvent based paint brush cleaner.

Product Benefits Include:

  • Water based - no losses due to evaporation, non flammable, odour free, methylene chloride free
  • Non toxic - safer for the user and the environment
  • Non caustic - does not attack metal or most plastics, does not cause burns
  • Economical in use - biostrip 42 does not lose its activity through time and so will clean brush after brush
  • Does not give off hazardous or noxious fumes so ventilation is not required. This makes biostrip 42 suitable for use indoors or in confined spaces
  • Non irritant

Coatings Removed:

  • Most organic paint types even difficult to remove ones such as hammerite and other similar paints containing a high level of solvent
  • Water based paints, especially 2 pack automotive type coatings
  • Zinc chromate primer systems

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