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Biostrip 20, Paint Stripper - 25 Litre

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A revolutionary new water based paint stripper - proven performance, safer for you.

Biostrip 20, Paint Stripper - 25 Litre

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Product Benefits Include:

  • Water based - no losses due to evaporation
  • Odour free
  • Non Irritant
  • Non flammable
  • Non Toxic - safer for the user and the environment than traditional methylene chloride based products
  • Non Caustic - Does not darken wood, and does not cause burns
  • Economical - Thixotropic (thickened) solution clings to vertical surfaces, causing no drips, no runs, no waste.
  • Does not give off hazardous or noxious fumes - ventilation not required. Suitable for use indoors or in confined spaces

Usage Instructions:

  1. Simply brush onto paint to be removed and leave until paint blisters or softens - this normally starts after around 20 to 30 minutes depending on paint type, paint thickness  and ambient temperature.
  2. Then scrape or wipe off.
  3. Apply as necessary until all paint layers are removed.
Every 1 litre will strip approximatelely 5 sq metres - depending upon the number of layers of paint to be removed.

Suitable substrates include:  All wood types, GRP, Stone, Brick, Marble, Concrete, Fibreglass, Plastered surfaces and Most plastics.

Coatings removed include:  Water based coatings, some varnishes, primers (including aerospace), primers containing chrome containing, oil based paints, and emulsion.

Surfaces from which paint has been removed are best cleaned with Fuze Wall Cleaner before new paint etc, is applied. This will neutralise any paint stripper left on the surface and prevent any bubbling of subsequently applied coatings.


Let Biostrip do the hard work. As long as it's not allowed to dry out it will continue to work without damaging the underlying substrate. You can achieve this by covering the treated areas with cheap polythene, or cling film.


Biostrip 20 is not suitable for removing bicyle/automotive paint. Please contact us for advise on treating these surfaces.

We recommend treating a small test area before starting any project.

For more information on the range of coatings removed and suitable substrates for this product, please click HERE

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