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Strip Artex in a Dust Free Process

Biostrip Artex Remover is a water based,
non toxic and non flammable product.

Whether its large contract jobs or smaller jobs around the home or garden Biostrip 20 really is the number one answer for removing paint from all types of masonry, plaster, concrete etc..


About Biostrip Artex Remover

Biostrip Artex Remover is a water based, non toxic and non flammable product, manufactured at our factory in the West Midlands. It is widely used by building contractors to strip artex from walls and ceilings in housing association properties which are being refurbished. The product is virtually odour free and ideal for use in confined spaces such as stair wells and corridors. Artex sold during the mid 1980's may well contain asbestos and should be removed with great care to avoid releasing these dangerous fibres. Biostrip Artex Remover forms a gel which holds the asbestos fibres and prevents them escaping into the atmosphere. Apply Biostrip Artex remover generously onto the artex to be removed. Leave it in place until the artex softens and a gel is formed - this may take from 30 minutes to several hours depending upon the number of layers of paint that have been applied to the artex.

Once the artex has softened remove using a scraper or something similar. Repeat this process if required.

TIP: Let Biostrip do the work, cover the treated surfaces with cheap polythene to prevent drying out and leave over night.

NOTE: Although Biostrip is effective at softening artex, by its very nature artex removal is a fairly physical job. This should be taken into consideration before starting any project of this type.

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